Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why You Should Be Reading Morgan Matson

I'm a mood reader. I have to be in a certain mood to be able to enjoy certain books. I find that this helps me read different genres because I can't just read one genre over and over without getting tired of it. If I'm not in the right mood, it won't matter how good the book is. The poor thing will probably get abandoned without any fault of its own. Good thing I'm not like this with people!
That being said, this weekend I found myself craving a good summer read, and something with a road trip. My fiancé and I are taking a road trip to the Canadian east coast this summer for our honeymoon, so road trips have been on my mind for months. Add in the nicer weather, and BAM! I needed a road trip fix.
Enter Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, which I devoured in two days. Amy's family is moving from California to Connecticut and Amy is responsible for getting the family car there, along with the help of the son of her mom's friend, Roger. The thing is, Amy is not driving for reasons, so Roger drives. When you're stuck in a small space with a stranger for a long time, you become acquainted pretty quickly.
This is not a review because the book is a few years old, but more why you should read it.
1.) The format. It's told from Amy's POV, but what I loved even more was that it had a small scrapbook style. There were play lists, postcards, and other little things you collect on a road trip. LOVED this aspect of the book.
2.) The romance. It wasn't cheesy. Sometimes I find YA romance to be cheesy and unbelievable. This was believable and sweet, and right for the book. It was nostalgic.
3.) The reason why the Curry's are moving. It will break your heart.
4.) The characters. I loved them all, except for Hadley. They all seemed like real people, and people I'd want to be friends with. It made me excited for the people we could meet on our upcoming trip.
5.) Wanderlust. It will definitely make you want to just pack up the car and take off. It made me even more excited for our honeymoon! Hurry up, July!
Once I finished Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, I knew I had to read Morgan Matson's second book Second Chance Summer.
I loved this book, too. This one was devoured in less than a day, as I spent most of last night reading it. This one broke my heart into a million pieces, and kept me up well past midnight. When I finally finished it, I had tears rolling down my face. Taylor and her family head up to their lake house because her dad is sick and the family wants to spend one last summer together. Once there, Taylor runs into her ex boyfriend, Henry, and ex best friend, Lucy.
You should read this one because:
1.) The lake house. I had vivid pictures in my head of what it may have looked like, and I spent much of the book wishing I was laying on a dock reading it with the water beneath me.
2.) Again, the characters. I loved them all. Taylor's dad has to be one of my favourite father's in YA books. He is what I think a good father should be.
3.) Both books had really great father-daughter relationships. I find with a lot of books, there's a bad relationship between the father and daughter, but not in these books. The relationship is secure, and celebrated. It was a refreshing change.
4.) The reconnection between Taylor and Henry and Taylor and Lucy. It wasn't immediate, or corny. Taylor was forced to confront what she did to her former friends, and it wasn't an easy road back to being friends. It was believable, and I appreciated that.
5.) The flashbacks. I'm a big fan of flashbacks in novels, as I find they give you perspective you may not have otherwise. You get to know the characters in a different way, and I love it.
In a matter of four days, Morgan Matson has become one of my new favourite authors. Not YA author, as while she may write for young adults, I think anyone could enjoy her books. I would recommend her for fans of Sarah Dessen, John Green, Jane Green, and Kristin Hannah.
Matson has her third book, Since You've Been Gone, set to release in May and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Definitely check out Morgan Matson if you're a fan of well-written contemporary stories!

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