Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: The Blue by Lucy Clarke

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine, and is a weekly spotlight on upcoming releases.

I discovered Lucy Clarke last year, and absolutely fell in love. Both of her books were favourite reads for me in 2014. I also passed them along to my mom and sister-in-law, who both really enjoyed them as well.

I reviewed A Single Breath here and Swimming at Night here. I absolutely loved both and can not rave about them enough.

Clarke has definitely become an auto-buy author for me, and I cannot wait for her next book, The Blue. Her covers are always beautiful, too.

Goodreads synopsis: In the tradition of Alex Garland's The Beach, a spine-tingling adventure novel about a group of friends whose journey around the world on a yacht turns from a trip to paradise into a chilling nightmare when one of them disappears at sea.

Lana and her best friend Kitty leave home looking for freedom and that's exactly what they find when they are invited onto The Blue, a fifty-foot yacht making its way from the Philippines to New Zealand. Manned by a young crew of wanderers, The Blue is exactly the escape they are looking for and the two quickly fall under The Blue's spell spending their days exploring remote islands, and their rum-filled nights relaxing on deck beneath the stars.

Yet paradise found can just as quickly become lost. Lana and Kitty begin to discover that they aren't the only ones with secrets they'd rather run from than reveal. And when one of their new friends disappears overboard after an argument with the other crew members, the dark secrets that brought each of them aboard start to unravel.

Yes, please! This sounds like more of a thriller than her previous two novels, but that is absolutely okay with me. It looks like it's set to release August 4th, and I am already counting down the days (103)!


  1. OMG I had a panic moment that I had missed a new release from Lucy Clarke! Can't wait for August!

    1. There's an ARC giveaway on Goodreads under Simon & Schuster Canada! I got an ARC the other day, and am DYING to read it, but I have other review books I need to read first.