Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley
The hardest reviews to write are the ones where you absolutely loved the book because I never feel like I can do it justice. I loved this book and this series. It's honestly fantastic. This is the third book in a series of what is set to be seven books. You can read my review for the second book, The Storm Sister, here, which I also loved.
The general premise of these books is that there are six sisters who were adopted as babies by Pa Salt. Pa Salt has sadly died and has left each sister a clue to where they were adopted from and their heritage. The clues involve a letter from Pa Salt, and a set of coordinates leading them somewhere in the world. The Seven Sisters followed Maia and her roots to Brazil. The Storm Sister followed Ally to her roots in Norway, and The Shadow Sister follows Star to a bookshop in London.
Star is a great character and one I felt like I related to. She's very quiet and happy with the simple pleasures in life; reading, gardening, and hanging out with her sister, CeCe. CeCe is very headstrong and tends to lead Star. Star begins to feel a bit overwhelmed by CeCe and decides to find out about her heritage, which leads to a little bookshop in London. The bookshop introduces us to a cast of fun characters, such as quirky Orlando, and sweet Rory. Star ends up taking a job in the shop, which then leads to her becoming a sort of babysitter for young Rory at their dilapidated old home in the country.
One of the things I love about this series is that while you get the present day story about the sister, you also get the past story about the sisters relative. In this case, we also get to follow Flora MacNichol who is a strong woman living in a society that doesn't exactly celebrate headstrong women. We know Flora is somehow related to Star, and the connection is slowly revealed throughout the two stories. I love getting to read both stories and I've never found switching between the two stories/time periods to be confusing.
There is something for everyone in these books; romance, history, family relationships, and of course, a little intrigue. Riley always sets the scenes so beautifully, too. I could picture myself roaming and exploring with Flora, and hanging out in the bookshop with Star.
I don't feel like you necessarily have to read each book in the series because Riley sets them up with enough details that you aren't lost, but I do recommend reading them because they're so good. This was definitely a 5 star read for me!
A copy of this book was provided by Simon and Schuster Canada, but all opinions are my own.

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