Thursday, August 8, 2013

why I decided to start a review site.

I have always loved books, which would obviously be my first reason for starting this site. My grandparents had an entire room filled with books, and as a child, my grandpa would encourage me to go down and pick out any book and read it. The books were way out of my reading level, but that didn't stop me. I'd go down, pick out whatever sounded interesting to my 8, 9, 10 year old self and park myself in my room and just read. He would also lend me his library card while I was there, and my grandma would take me to the local little library, and I'd take out as many books as I could.

In my own home, I read as much as I could. Goosebumps, and the Baby-Sitters Club books were my favourites! I think I read every BSC book there was, and still have some in a box at my mom's house ready for whenever I have a daughter.

I didn't read much throughout my high school and university years, but since graduating I have read a lot, and remembered how much fun it is to just read for pleasure. I have had a Goodreads account for years, and this year made it a goal to review every book I read. I have done just that, but have decided it's time to take my reviews somewhere else.

My name comes from my deep desire to travel the world. Reading gives me that opportunity, and I do feel like I get to wander through the lives and places of whatever book I'm reading. One day, I'd like to actually wander the world, but that will take some serious lottery winning to happen! For now, though, I'm content with my books. They haven't failed me yet.

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