Tuesday, September 10, 2013

top ten tuesday: books I'd love to see as a movie or tv show.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started by The Broke and the Bookish, where they give a prompt and you list your top ten. Today's theme is top ten books that I'd like to see made into a movie/TV series. This is my first time participating in a weekly meme, and I'm pretty excited about it!

I'm going to divide my list into two categories - five books I'd like to see as a movie, and five I'd like to see as a TV show because let's be honest, some books would be much better as one over the other.

1.) Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. This would make an awesome thriller movie! It'd be the perfect movie to release around this time of the year, when things start to seem a little darker and chillier. It might have to be rated R for everything that happens, but if done well, it could be a really good thriller with awesome twists.

2.) The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Don't even talk to me about what they did to My Sister's Keeper - we'll just pretend that adaption never happened. The Storyteller could be a really good movie if they kept everything (the ending!) the way it was written. I think any Jodi Picoult book would be a fantastic movie.

3.) Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple. I can picture this being a really cute, funny indie film with lesser known actors as the characters. I'm not sure how they'd do the email/notes part of the book, but I'm sure it's doable. I can see it as one of those movies that doesn't get a lot of recognition, but is popular anyway.

4.) The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. This would be such a fun, happy summer movie that would be popular with the tweens/teens, but I think many adults would find it enjoyable, too. Who doesn't like movies about summer and all the possibilities? It would have enough of a good storyline to keep all ages entertained.

5.) Home Front by Kristin Hannah. Ooh, this would be a very emotional movie, but one that I think would bring a lot of (needed) exposure to PTSD and what military families go through. I could see this movie being popular with an older crowd, and perhaps even winning some awards.

1.) The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. - I know there are lots of comparisons between Don Tillman and Sheldon Cooper (from the Big Bang Theory), but think about how popular TBBT is, and I think The Rosie Project could definitely hold its own as a show. It'd be a comedy, and could be hilarious with the things Don gets into.
2.) Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. This show would be awesome if it was actually done 80s style. It wouldn't work if they decided to modernize it because most of its charm is in the nostalgia. Getting the characters right would be super important for this adaption.
3.) Firefly Lane & Fly Away by Kristin Hannah. This is two books, but they do go together, so it works. This would be a show that would have everything - flashbacks, comedy, drama, tragedy. I think it'd be hard to adapt just because so much happens over a long time frame, but I would definitely watch it.
4.) Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky. This would definitely be a fun show to watch, full of hilarious misadventures and insider secrets to the hospitality business. This could even be adapted into some sort of reality show, if that's your thing.
5.) These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen. I had serious issues with the ending of this book, but up until then, it was great. It would make a good TV show because of the girls' different story lines. I could see popular actresses playing each of the girls, and it being the next big show for females between 18-30.
This was fun to think about! I will definitely be participating in these fun memes in the future. 


  1. There are some great choices here! I think 'Eleanor and Park' would make a great mini-series!

    1. Ooh, yes! It'd be so fun to watch with all the nostalgia.

  2. I'm not familiar with any of these stories but it sounds like you've really enjoyed them and it is fun seeing one of your favorite books come alive on the big screen. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on