Friday, January 16, 2015

Blown Red by Susan Philpott

When I heard that there was a Canadian author releasing a book that takes place in and around the Toronto area, I knew I had to read it. I received a signed copy of the book from the author, Susan Philpott, but that did not affect my review in the slightest. I would have read this book free copy, or not.

From Goodreads: Like a runaway train, Signy Shepherd has been blowing through danger signals all her life.
Recruited to the Line, a shadowy underground railroad dedicated to helping women in peril, Signy has no idea that her first solo case will set her on a a collision course with a renowned photographer concealing a murderous past; a relentless tracker with an explosive secret; and her own violent demons.
Set during the height of a brutal heat wave, the pressure mounts as Signy and her young passenger race across Canada toward a sanctuary that proves to be a deadly illusion.

My thoughts: This book was a road trip across Canada, beginning in Vancouver and ending in the Toronto area, and you can tell how much love Philpott has for her country. As a Canadian, I especially appreciated this.

Signy Shepherd is a bad ass, who can handle anything thrown at her, and I loved her. Found in a dumpster on Yonge St. in Toronto at the age of two, Signy has had a life that has hardened her, but not defeated her. She is tough, sharp, witty, and the exact kind of person who is perfect for the Line.

The Line is an underground 'railway' of sorts to help women and children escape bad situations. We meet Elena when Signy is assigned to drive her from Calgary to the Toronto area. Elena is in a tough spot, and one that becomes even more tough the closer they get to the safe house.

I enjoyed the way the story progressed. It was fast-paced, and left me wondering what was going on and who could be trusted, even when I wasn't reading. I found myself flipping through the pages as quickly as the girls were racing across Canada. I appreciated the relationship developing between Signy and Elena, and loved both of their spirits. Life has knocked them both down, but they're both strong females.

There were a few scenes that I found hard to read, but they're short scenes and did not detract from my enjoyment of the rest of the book. I expect those type of scenes in thrillers, so it wasn't that shocking.

Pick this one up if you're looking for a fast-paced thriller with strong female characters. You won't be disappointed.

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