Monday, January 5, 2015

bookish resolutions for 2015.

In Saturday's Best of 2014 post, I briefly wrote my bookish resolutions. I thought they deserved their own post, though, and a bit of an expansion.

1.) Read more classics. I suck at reading the classics, and part of it is because a lot of them don't interest me. I do want to read more, so this year I want to seek out a few classics that appeal to me. I definitely want to read The Great Gatsby because as I mentioned, I've never read it. I feel like the last person in the world who hasn't read this. Husband owns Brave New World, so I may add that to my list, too. I'd love to say I read at least 5 classic books by the end of 2015.

2.) Read more non-fiction. I really like non-fiction and I enjoy learning new things. I added a few to my Goodreads shelf, so hopefully I'll be able to get to them this year.

3.) Keep a physical log of all the books I read. I use Goodreads, and HarperCollins 50 Book Pledge, but I want to keep a journal of what I read. I'd also like to include my favourite quote from each book. I've collected quotes for as long as I can remember, but don't take the time to write my favourite book quotes very often anymore.

4.) Go through my books and get rid of/donate the ones I don't want. I love having a lot of books, they make me happy, but I don't need to keep the ones I don't actually want. They'd be better off somewhere they'd be appreciated.

5.) Listen to an audiobook. I've been curious about audiobooks for a while now, and 2015 needs to be the year I check them out.

6.) Read more Canadian literature. There are so many great Canadian authors out there, and I want to read them this year.

7.) Participate in the TBR Jar Challenge created by Katytastic on YouTube. I've already pulled my paper for the month and it was 'read a book someone else picks', which I am excited about. I'll get my husband to pick from a list I give him. I think I'll do a monthly post about my choice and what I read.

I think that's about it for my bookish goals for the year. For the blog, I'd like to post more frequently, and not just reviews. I doubt I'll ever be a book blog that posts everyday, but I would like to post at least weekly.

I'm always looking for book recommendations in any genre, but does anyone have any classics or non-fiction that I absolutely need to read this year?! Let me know!

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