Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Wrap-Up!

June will probably be my favourite month of this entire year, but not because of what I read (not that I didn't read anything great). This was the month my husband and I returned to the east coast of Canada!

Before I get into that, I will talk about the books I read this month:

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley: This was my favourite book this month! I really loved it and need more. It's going to be a series of seven books with each book featuring a different sister trying to track down where she came from. The seven sisters were all adopted by the same man, and after his death, the girls are each left clues to where they came from. This book featured Maia's story, with her roots tracing back to Brazil. There is an alternate story in this as well, from Maia's Brazilian relative. SO good. I loved it!

Cocktails at Le Carmen by Isabelle Andover: I was offered this book for review, and was happy that I accepted it. It was a really fun book that is perfect for summer reading. I did a full review here if you're interested.

The next three books are audiobooks. Our trip to the east coast was a road trip, and we wanted something other than the radio to listen to (plus, we went through Quebec (French speaking province) and trying to find an English radio station is impossible!). Before we left, I'd downloaded Serial and we listened to that on the way (it was awesome!) Before we left PEI to head to Nova Scotia, we stopped at a Chapters and picked up an audiobook.

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci: We needed something that would hold both of our attentions, so we decided on this. We didn't know it was the sixth book in a series at the time, but that really didn't affect us. It was really good and definitely held our attention. It was so interesting that I actually found the first book at a used bookstore we went to and bought it.

Leaving Nova Scotia for home, we stopped at another Chapters and picked up two more audiobooks.

The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry: This one had such potential, but fell short for both of us. We both like historical things, but this was just too much. We may have been more captivated by it had we not started listening to it at, like, 7am. It was okay, though. It was interesting, but there were a lot of repeated historical data, which got a little tedious. Perhaps it would have been better to actually read this one.

The Confession by John Grisham: I actually started reading this years ago, but put it down because reading the dialogue was tedious. I saw this and thought it'd be better as an audiobook, and we wanted something Serial-ish. I'm definitely glad we chose this one because it was really good. Of the three audiobooks we listened to, this one was my favourite. The ending became a little dragged out, but it definitely held our attention through a long drive. I kind of want to try another Grisham book now.

The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango: This book left me confused, which seems to be the general consensus. I enjoyed it and it was really short, but I can't decide if I truly liked it or not. I reviewed it here.

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson: I really enjoyed this historical novel. It's about a young woman who, against her parent's wishes, decides to join the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps as an ambulance driver during WW1. She eventually ends up at the same hospital where her brother's best friend works as a surgeon, and they just happen to be in love with each other. There is a companion novel which I'm super excited to get to because I liked this one a lot.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - I HAD to read some Harry Potter because summer = Harry Potter. I've read the first three more than the others, so I decided to re-read the fourth. I got just as sucked into the story as I always do. Lovelovelove.

In total, that's eight books for June. Not too bad considering I was away for ten days and, other than the audiobooks, only spent about an hour actually reading. This month I also hit my goal of reading 50 books! I'm thinking of upping it to 100, but that seems a bit intimidating. I'm sure I could do it, but I know I'm in for a reading slump eventually.

As I mentioned, my husband and I went on a week-long road trip to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. We went to NS last year for our honeymoon, and I loved it so much that I just had to go back. While there, we went to a few used bookstores AND we went to Anne of Green Gables in PEI. In one of the stores I found a copy of Anne of Avonlea from 1956, which was very cool.

We had such a fantastic time! Nova Scotia is definitely my favourite province. I just feel at home when we're there, and I've only been twice. Some photos I took there:

We were exploring the house, and I happened to look outside and there was Anne hangin' out on a bench.

Inside Anne's room.

Lilacs outside the house.

Hiking the Skyline Trail on the Cabot Trail.

The views along the Cabot trail were spectacular!

Peggy's Cove!

The village of Peggy's Cove is one of my most favourite places.

Lobster traps and dandelions.

The lighthouse in Louisbourg, NS.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

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